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My thesis:

It was about a program I wrote, a maemo statusban plugin, the documentetion and the process I took.  That time I thought that GTK is going down and I my knowledge in it is going to be obsolete soon. But I doubted that at the and of the Uni even with 1-2 years of working experience in the field, one can make some significant research with usable output. So I wrote a small applet and used all my knowledge and help of my friends and ex-colleges I gained.

I got ~1.600 downloads, well, I think it was a success. Other than me and my consultant, I don't thing anyone has ever read my thesis...

link: maemo page


Statusbar plugin for easy drag & drop data sending via Bluetooth, just drag data to the icon.

The following applications are supported yet:

  • osso-notes
  • osso-filemanager
  • dates compiled with dnd
  • osso-addressbook.


  • patch modest to dnd support
  • make pand work.