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put/get files to/from ftp server non-interactively

I decided to sync my work/home computers' calendar/contact files.

Since I wanted to avoid gmail and other closed solutions, I chose ftp as a transfer method and after some search I found ncftp which does the job.

Now I can issue the get script after login and the put before logout at each machine.

# get files from remote server

ncftpget -u USER -p PASS FTPSERVER /LOCALPATH/ std.ics
ncftpget -u USER -p PASS FTPSERVER /LOCALPATH/ std.vcf
# upload files to remote server

ncftpput -u USER -p PASS FTPSERVER . /LOCALPATH/std.ics
ncftpput -u USER -p PASS FTPSERVER . /LOCALPATH/std.vcf
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